Crisis Management

When it comes to crisis management and crisis communications, every second counts. Stakeholders are demanding new levels of transparency and accountability. Every company is or will be in crisis. Those that answer the call transform a PR crisis into an opportunity. Those that don’t, risk everything. Most of the crises faced by clients of StrategySmith are those where some government agency has either taken an action or threatened to take an action, which would severely impact the reputation and operations of the organization. This adverse action can also be manifested by a public outcry toward the entity.

StrategySmith counsels international companies, small & mid-sized organizations, and high-profile individuals about how to tackle a range of preparedness, reputational and communications challenges. Our experience strength lies in an ability to accommodate a breadth of issues and scope while executing flawlessly for our clients.

By working with companies and individuals in advance of unexpected crises, StrategySmith is in a unique position to provide a perspective and respond on behalf of the client. More often than not, if you company is confronting a crisis, you’re getting bombarded with requests from all sides; matters may be coming at you from customers, regulators, and potentially government investigators. It is times like these you need a firm at your side to make sense of it all, triage the incoming and respond in a way that pots it in the best light possible and potentially has the effect of being a reputation boosting event.